About Scubadoo

Scubadoo has been developed to provide easy access to diving. Scubadoo enables you to cruise in comfort among reefs and fish while propelling you into a new dimension of sub aqua pleasure.
Scubadoo is a tour in which the passengers will use the personal submarine. The passenger´s head goes inside a roomy air bubble which allows enjoying the beauty of the reef. Breathing like at the surface. Fell comfortable Is an atraction closer to dive without experience

The Scuba-Doo has been developed to provide a very affordable, safe and environmentally friendly way to access to the underwater whelm. Descending to a set depth of 4 meter , the Scuba-Doo under the supervision of a certified Instructors/guide cruises the coral reefs at a safe controllable speed while offering the passenger 180 degree vision of the spectacular aquatic world. The passenger dose not require any previous in water experience, No Scuba diving experience or Scuba equipment required here !. The passenger enjoys a comfortable seated position, while free flowing air makes for a water free environment for the head and shoulders. No swimming experience require here !!

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